Pyramid Model for Early Childhood Teams

The Pyramid Model is a conceptual framework of evidence-based practices for promoting young children’s healthy social and emotional development. 

The Pyramid Model provides guidance for:

  • Early childhood educators

  • Early intervention personnel

  • Early childhood special education personnel 

  • Families

  • Other professionals


Quick Classroom Connections

Simple, easy to use Pyramid Model and Social-Emotional Learning strategies to implement in early childhood classrooms. To gain a better context, please complete the training module above. 

Pyramid Model Support Level
Resource Type

Foundation: Effective Workforce


Teacher Encouragement - Thank You!

A short note of encouragement from our School Climate Transformation Team, followed by Rita Pierson's Ted Talk: Every Kid Needs a Champion.

Tier 1 -

Wish You Well Introduction A helpful ritual that allows for instant calming while offering love and care to others. A simple way to help others when there is no physical way to be helpful.
Positive Descriptive Feedback Positive descriptive feedback is an evidence-based practice that is meant to be part of the teaching process. 

Tier 2 -

Enhancing Emotional Vocabulary in Young Children Guidance document on the importance of building a strong emotional literacy foundation in early childhood. The document contains training and classroom resources for school use.
Regulation Techniques for Young Children Guidance document on ways to teach young children how to handle their anger and impulse in a conflict situation or during a time when regulation is needed.
Turtle Technique - Calm Down Strategy Help students recognize when they are upset and how to regulate their emotions.
Problem Solving in Early Childhood Specifically taught problem-solving steps, ideas to offer alternative solutions, and help students understand that solutions have positive or negative consequences. 

Tier 3 - Intensive Individualized 


National Pyramid Model Resources

Resource Description
NCPMI Website Link to the National Center of Pyramid Model Innovations
NCPMI Resource Library This library offers quick assess to hundreds of Pyramid Model resources.
CSEFEL Website Link to the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning
Pyramid Model Consortium Link to the Pyramid Model Consortium: Supporting Early Childhood PBIS
Oklahoma Pyramid Model - State Team Link to the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness 


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Last updated on September 7, 2022