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School Safety and Security Professional Program


As a credentialed School Safety and Security Professional, what is my role?

  •  Safe School Committee Leadership
  •  Improve Preparedness Efforts At Your Site/District
  •  Inform Others In Best Practices
  •  Assist District Leadership with High Quality Emergency Operations Plan
  •  Community Partner Liaison
  •  Develop MOU’s and MOA’s with Responding Partners
  •  Training Staff and Students – Professional Learning Opportunities


How long does it take to complete the program?

The professional program is estimated between 15-20 hours.



How much does it cost?


Our professional program is offered at ZERO cost to learners!



How do I get signed up?


Your first step in a becoming credentialed School Safety and Security Professional is to contact a member of our team.


Jason Gray                                           Steven Lynch

405-291-0888                                        405-308-3176              



Cindy Swearingen                               Michelann Ooten 

405-306-9724                                       405-205-1879  


No training or prior knowledge about School Safety and Security is required for this program.

*Internet accessibility IS required


What will I have to?

The program is based around using your current Emergency Operations Plan to work through a series of modules that will help you evaluate your plan, identify areas that need attention, and assist you in creating the best "high quality Emergency Operations Plan" possible for your district. This is done using quizzes, reflective questions, and various assignments centered around your Emergency Operations Plan. 

What happens after I complete the program?

  •  Micro-credentialing for certified staff
*Teacher Certification requires a $25 fee to add credentials*
  •  Certificate for non-certified staff
  •  Value-added for employment
  •  Champion preparedness efforts





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Last updated on January 12, 2021