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School Safety and Security Professional Micro-Credential


As a credentialed School Safety and Security Professional, what is my role?

  •  Safe School Committee Leadership
  •  Improve Preparedness Efforts At Your Site/District
  •  Inform Others In Best Practices
  •  Assist District Leadership with High Quality Emergency Operations Plan
  •  Community Partner Liaison
  •  Develop MOU’s and MOA’s with Responding Partners
  •  Training Staff and Students – Professional Learning Opportunities

How do I get started?

Your first step in a becoming credentialed School Safety and Security Professional is to contact a member of our team.


Jason Gray                                           Steven Lynch

405-291-0888                                        405-308-3176              



Cindy Swearingen                               Michelann Ooten 

405-306-9724                                       405-205-1879  


No training or prior knowledge about School Safety and Security is required for this program.

*Internet accessibility IS required

What happens after I complete the program?

  •  Micro-credentialing for certified staff

*Teacher Certification requires a $25 fee to add credentials*

  •  Certificate for non-certified staff
  •  Value-added for employment
  •  Champion preparedness efforts





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Last updated on May 22, 2020