State Advisory Groups

Since taking office, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister has established multiple advisory councils as a way to bring education stakeholders to the table to gather continuous feedback and explore various ideas aimed at improving student academic achievement. Advisory group members represent a wide spectrum of fields and arenas including legislators, Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) staff, leaders of business and industry, teacher organizations, education advocacy groups and other stakeholders.

All groups listed below have a common goal: To implement positive change for both student and teacher success, while identifying actions OSDE can take at the state, district and site level.

Please note that individual titles and affiliations of members listed below are accurate as it relates to time of service or initial appointment to an advisory group.

Assessment & Accountability Task Force

Assessment & Accountability Task Force Members

Educator Quality & Diversity Advisory Group

Educator Quality & Diversity Advisory Group Members

Equity Task Force

Equity Task Force Members

Principals Advisory Group

Principals Advisory Group Members

School Board Advisory Group

School Board Advisory Group Members

School Calendar Working Group

School Calendar Working Group Members

Special Education Stakeholders & Advisory Groups

Behavior Summit Advisory Group

Behavior Summit Advisory Group Members

Deaf Education Advisory Group

Deaf Education Advisory Group Members

IDEA Part B Advisory Group

IDEA Part B Advisory Group Members

Oklahoma State Personnel Development Grant (OKSPDG) Advisory Group

OKSPDG Advisory Group Members

SoonerStart Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC)

SoonerStart ICC Members

Student Advisory Council

2021 Student Advisory Council Members
2020 Student Advisory Council Members
2019 Student Advisory Council Members
2018 Student Advisory Council Members
2017 Student Advisory Council Members

Superintendents Advisory Council

Superintendents Advisory Council Members

Teacher & Leadership Development Advisory Group

Teacher & Leadership Development Advisory Group Members

Teachers Advisory Group

Teachers Advisory Group Members

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Last updated on April 18, 2022