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Summer Math Challenge

Fight Summer Math Losss with this Free Program!

On average, all students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in math skills over the summer months.

The Summer Math Challenge is a free, six-week, email-based, math skills program based on the State Standards and targeted to students who have just completed 2nd through 5th grades. Parents receive daily emails with fun activities and resources to help kids retain the math skills learned during the previous school year.

Join the Summer Math Challenge

  1. Go to to enroll your child.
  2. Check your inbox for daily emails with fun math activities and resources.
  3. Visit every day to read about the weekly math concept and earn badges.
  4. When the program ends print an award certificate to celebrate your child's summer accomplishment!

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Summer Math Challenge



The Summer Math Challenge is brought to you by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Quantile and MetaMetrics.

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Last updated on June 27, 2014