Teacher Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher certification falls under the direction of the Teacher Certification Section, Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE). The Teacher Certification Section ensures that educators are properly credentialed. Certification application forms may be obtained from the OSDE Web site sde.ok.gov/sde. Look for Teacher Certification under Services on the main menu bar.

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Traditional Certification General Questions

  1. What is required in order to obtain a traditional Oklahoma teaching credential?

  3. How do I obtain certification forms and applications?

  5. Do I have to be fingerprinted?

  7. What is the cost for electronically scanning my fingerprints or fingerprint cards to receive a report from the OSBI and FBI?

  9. What teacher tests are required for Oklahoma certification?

  11. How do I register for a teacher competency test?

  13. What is the cost of an Oklahoma teaching certificate?

  15. What does it cost to renew an Oklahoma teaching certificate?

  17. What does it cost for a retired teacher to renew a certificate?

  19. What certificate do you need to have as a first year special education teacher?

  21. What do I have to submit in order to apply for a school nurse certificate?

  23. What is meant by the term Specialist Certification?

  25. I completed a teacher education program through an Oklahoma institution of higher education but never applied for a certificate. How do I apply?

  27. If my college/university is recommending me for specific subject area(s), but I have tested in some additional subject area(s), will the additional subject area(s) done by testing be automatically added to my certificate?

  29. I hold an out-of-state credential. How do I get a certificate in Oklahoma?

  31. If I hold National Board Certification from out of state, can I become certified in Oklahoma?

  33. Does Oklahoma have certification agreements with any other states?

  35. How do I obtain an Oklahoma certificate if I graduated from an out-of-country university or if I am not a citizen of the United States?

  37. If I pass an additional teacher competency test, will the new subject area automatically be added to my certificate?

  39. If I want to become an administrator, how do I add principal or superintendent to my Oklahoma credential?

  41. How do I add an advanced degree to my certificate?

  43. How do I request that my certificate reflect a name change or an address change?

  45. How do I obtain a duplicate of my Oklahoma teaching credential?

  47. Do I have to be in compliance with Oklahoma state income tax laws to renew my Oklahoma teaching credential?

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Oklahoma Alternative Placement Program

  1. What is the Oklahoma Alternative Placement Program, and who is eligible to participate in this alternative route to certification?

  3. What must I do to be admitted to the program?

  5. What must I do after being approved to seek an alternative certificate?

  7. What do I submit after passing the OGET and the OSAT(s)?

  9. What must I complete after I get my initial alternative certificate to receive an alternative standard certificate?

  11. Can I renew an alternative certificate?

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)

  1. What is the National Board for Professional Teaching Standard (NBPTS)?

  3. How do I apply to obtain NBPTS certification?

  5. Does Oklahoma offer any assistance with the cost of obtaining National Board Certification?

  7. I understand if you hold NBPTS certification and teach in Oklahoma, you are paid a bonus. Is that true?

  9. Are there any other subject areas in which you can hold national certification and receive the bonus?

  11. If I hold National Board Certification in an area other than my subject area(s) on my Oklahoma certificate, does that National Board Certification area qualify me to teach that subject area in Oklahoma?

Teach for America

  1. What is Teach For America?

  3. How do I apply with Teach for America?

  5. Can I teach in Oklahoma as a participant in the Teach for America program?

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE)

  1. What is American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE)?

  3. If I receive a teaching certificate through the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE), can I teach in Oklahoma?

Four-Year-Olds and Younger Certificate

  1. I have taught in a Head Start Program and would like to teach in a public school. Is there a way I can do that?

  3. After I receive a bachelor’s degree, what do I have to complete to be certified to teach?

  5. Can I add another subject area to my Four-Year-Olds and Younger credential by testing?

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Career Development Program for Paraprofessionals to Become a Certified Teacher

  1. I am or have been a paraprofessional (teaching assistant) in an Oklahoma public school. How can I move forward to become a certified teacher?

  3. Once I receive a credential, what do I have to complete to move on to a standard certificate?

Oklahoma Title I Paraprofessional Teaching Credential (Teaching Assistant)

  1. What must a paraprofessional have in order to be a teaching assistant in an Oklahoma Title I school?

  3. Are the requirements for a special education classroom paraprofessional different than the requirements for Title I classroom paraprofessionals?

  5. May I apply for some kind of credential to show that I am a paraprofessional?

  7. When does a Title I Paraprofessional Credential expire?

Troops to Teachers

  1. What is the Troops to Teachers program?

  3. Who qualifies for the Troops to Teachers program?

  5. Do I have to have a college degree?

  7. What type of teaching certificate must I have to teach in Oklahoma?

  9. How much financial assistance is provided to the Troops to Teachers member?

  11. How can the Troops to Teachers member use the $10,000 bonus?

  13. Once I receive my Oklahoma certificate, can I add a subject area(s) to my certificate?

Additional Questions

  1. I understand I have to be highly qualified to teach a core academic subject. Explain what is meant by highly qualified teacher.

  3. How do I add “Registry Training” to my certificate?

  5. Can I purchase a frame to display my Oklahoma certificate in my classroom?

  7. How can I expedite the process of getting my Oklahoma certificate?

  9. Does Oklahoma have some form of written directive on the expected proper conduct of teachers?

  11. What must I do to be an athletic coach in an Oklahoma accredited school?

  13. If I am renewing a certificate, do I have to send another official college transcript?

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Last updated on June 24, 2016