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Rebecca Morales, M. Ed
Director of Instructional Materials
(405) 521-3456


The State Textbook Committee and Content Review Teams are currently evaluating instructional materials for the 2022 Secondary (Grades 6-12) English Language Arts, Grades PK-12 World Languages Other Than English subject cycle. Please refer to the Oklahoma State Textbook Committee's 2022-23 calendar for all scheduled meetings related to state textbook adoption.

To support local school districts in accessing and selecting high-quality instructional materials, the Oklahoma State Department of Education provides the following support structures:

  • Robust Reviews for Statewide Adoption Lists - With the Oklahoma State Textbook Committee, facilitate a robust state-level, instructional material evaluation process with content experts in Oklahoma. Learn More.
  • Guidance and Support for District-Level Adoptions - Develop guidance and instructional material evaluation tools to support districts in selecting high-quality instructional materials that meet the needs of their students. Learn More.
  • Increased Access to Free, High-Quality Instructional Materials - Engage in projects that aim to provide free and open, comprehensive, high-quality instructional materials to districts and teachers. Learn More.

Learn more about why high-quality instructional materials matter in this presentation and this document.

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Last updated on August 11, 2022