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TLE oversees Oklahoma’s teacher/leader evaluation system that is used to inform instruction, create professional development opportunities, and promote the continuous improvement of the practice and art of teaching and leading. TLE and individualized professional development will help usher in an innovative, educator-centered path to professional growth. This fresh new component is the Professional Learning Focus – PL Focus for short. The old “sit and get” method is gone, and with the PL Focus, teachers now have a front-row seat to their own professional learning and can tailor it to their needs and, more importantly, their students’ needs.

TLE and PL Focus Updates


Attaining Career Status


Although TLE data collection and reporting were waived in March 2020, the school year is to be included as one of the four years of probationary status for educators. In order for an educator to attain career status, regulations set in HB2957 (2016) must be met. In accordance with HB2957 (2016), a career teacher who was employed for the first time in one school district under a written continuing or temporary teaching contract beginning in 2017-2018 or thereafter:


a.) has completed three consecutive complete school years in one district and has achieved a district evaluation score of superior for two of the three school years,  


b.) has completed four consecutive complete school years in one district and achieved at least an effective district evaluation score on the TLE for the last two years of the four year period, or


c.) has completed four or more consecutive complete school years in one district and has not met the requirements above, only if the principal of the school of which the teacher is employed submits a petition to the district superintendent requesting that the teacher be granted career status, the superintendent agrees with the petition and the local board of education approves the petition. The petition shall specify the facts supporting the granting of career status to the educator. These documents should be retained as part of the educator's personnel file.

House Bill 2957 (2016)--Transtitioning Probationary Educators to Career Status for TLE provides a guidance to districts and sites on the new requirements to move educators hired beginning in SY 2017-2018 and thereafter to career status.



Return to Learn: TLE Qualitative Evaluation Waiver and Assurances provides districts the opportunity to request a waiver for the qualitative component of the TLE evaluation instrument for the 2020-2021 school year. The waiver does not apply to the Professional Learning Focus component of the TLE which is required of all certified educators evaluated using one of the Marzano, McREL or Tulsa Model frameworks. Upon approval of the waiver, observations and evaluations will be waived for all educators in the district for the remainder of SY2020-2021. Adobe Reader is needed to sign documents electronically. The waiver and accompanying documentation are due on or before February 12, 2021.


TLE and the Professional Learning Focus Guidance  provides a guidance to evaluators and educators on the evaluation process for the 2021-2022 school year.



Return to Learn: The TLE 2020-2021 provides information to districts and sites concerning TLE observations, evaluations and the Professional Learning (PL) Focus for the 2020-2021 school year.


FAQs Regarding the TLE and the Professional Learning Focus





Areas of Interest

Qualitative Reporting Documents
Videos and written instructions for completing the TLE Qualitative Report

Professional Learning Focus
Guidelines and templates for implementing the individualized learning component of TLE

TLE Certification and Recertification Schedule
View the schedule of upcoming dates for TLE training sessions required for evaluator certification and recertification.

TLE Newsletters
Get the latest news from the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness office.  You can sign up for OSDE-related newsletters here

Qualitative Components
Approved qualitative frameworks and guiding documents

Archived TLE Files
Information about the quantitative portion of the TLE including Value Added Measures and Roster Verification


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Last updated on December 12, 2023