To ensure appropriate social distancing, OSDE staff members are available by appointment only. Please reach out to any staff or department for help.

Office of School Safety and Security

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Office of School Safety and Security

2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite B17-B
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Jon Parker
Executive Director
(405) 521-6387

Cindy Swearingen
Assistant Executive Director
(405) 306-9724

Steven Lynch
(405) 308-3176

Michelann Ooten
(405) 205-1879

Jason Gray
(405) 291-0888

Questions about Drill Reporting?  Please call the Oklahoma School Security Institute at
(405) 425-7299


Mission:  Enable and empower all school staff and students through training and application of appropriate resources in their safety and security preparedness efforts

Vision:  Make the connections, maintain the relationships, leverage technology, all in efforts to create and maintain safer communities




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Last updated on June 16, 2020