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  • June 1, 2022 FY22 End-of-Year Personnel Reports Open
  • July 15, 2022 FY22 End-of-Year Personnel Reports Due

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School Personnel Records

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The School Personnel Records office collects and audits district certified and support personnel reports, ensures that teachers are paid in accordance with state law, and maintains the historical employment data for all certified and support school employees.



Reporting Information


Personnel Law References

Adjunct Teachers (70-6-122.3) (G) Salary/Benefits (Teacher) Cannot Decrease (70-18-114.9)
Alternative Ed 5% (70-1210.567) Salary Bonus for Psychologist, Speech Path and Audiologists (70-6-206)
Career Teacher (70-6-101.3) Salary In Lieu of Insurance (70-5-140)
Certification Requirements (70-6-108) and (70-6-101 (B,C) ) Salary Schedule (70-18-114.14 – State Minimum)  (70-5-141 – District Schedule)
Contracts, Support (70-6-101.40) School Day (70-1-111)
Contracts, Teacher (70-6-101) School Year (70-1-109)
Contract, Temp Teacher (70-6-101.23) Shared Superintendents (70-7-203) (2)
Employee Worksheet (70-6-101.6) SPED 5% (70-13-110)
FBA/In-Lieu (70-26-105) (H-Supt) Substitute Teachers (70-6-105)
Leave, 20 Day Extension (70-6-104.5) Superintendent Salaries (70-18-124) (E)
Leave, Sick/Personal/Emergency/Unused Sick/Jury Duty/Support Leave (70-6-104) Teacher Assistants (70-6-127)
Military Duty/LOA (70-6-105) (G) TRS Contributions/Federal Matching (70-17-108)
NBCT – Bonus vs Salary Schedule (70-6-204.2) TRS Offset Credit (70-17-108.2)
Nurse (70-1-116)  

Additional Forms and Information

* NOTE: The above compares total earnings (e.g., base salary, stipends, extra duties, insurance allowance, retirement contributions, etc.) between two fiscal years.  Many factors could result in a considerable increase/decrease (e.g., change in position, full-time equivalency, extra duties, fringe benefits, etc.).  Full details, by year, can be found here.


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Last updated on March 1, 2022