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Elevate | Oklahoma Schools On The Rise
A series presented by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, ELEVATE chronicles the positive, innovative and inspiring things happening in Oklahoma’s K-12 public education.


Latest Posts

ELEVATE: Keeping Imaginations Alive
Wed, 12/11/2019 - 11:27am
ELEVATE: Generation Citizen
Thu, 12/05/2019 - 11:29am
ELEVATE: Multiplying Opportunities
Mon, 10/21/2019 - 9:38am
ELEVATE: Enhancing Security for Schools
Tue, 07/09/2019 - 2:07pm
ELEVATE: Special Support for New Teachers
Wed, 03/13/2019 - 10:14am
ELEVATE: Happy in Duncan
Fri, 11/16/2018 - 10:21am
ELEVATE: Lessons for Life
Tue, 10/30/2018 - 9:51am
ELEVATE: Gaining Altitude
Fri, 09/28/2018 - 9:45am
ELEVATE: Summer Learning Is Cool
Wed, 07/11/2018 - 9:25am


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