American Indian Education

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OSDE Office of American Indian Education

2500 N Lincoln Blvd, Suite 114

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Jackie White

American Indian Education Program Director

(405) 522-5311


Randal Zotigh

American Indian Education Liaison

(405) 522-0241


Kida Upshaw

American Indian Education Specialist

(405) 522-8742


Jonny Aultman

American Indian Education Coordinator

(405) 522-8646


Title VI Contact Information

Wanda Lee
(202) 453-7262


The Office of American Indian Education (OAIE) shall serve as an educational protocol office for statewide American Indian Education. The OAIE is designed to provide guidance and leadership to local educational agencies seeking partnership with any of the 39 Sovereign Tribal Nations.

Our Service to Public Schools

Services include technical assistance and quality professional development to bridge connections between the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE), Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), and Tribal Educational Agencies (TEAs). Our mission is to facilitate culturally appropriate partnerships that sustain lifelong educational benefits for tribal citizens to feel represented in the Oklahoma K-12 public education system. 

List of Technical Services

  • Develop culturally appropriate and multi-disciplinary educational resources and information representing the diversity of tribal affiliations in Oklahoma.
  • Facilitate cross-agency tribal collaboration and consultation frameworks to strengthen local dialogue and restore broken systematic relationships.
  • Organize federal, tribal, state, and local educational partners to ensure inclusion and positive learning environments for 130,000+ American Indian students. 

Services include technical assistance information and appropriate professional development, as well as, collaborative efforts to bridge the gap between the state, tribal nations, and schools. The office will provide educators with continued access to culturally appropriate resources/information and in-service that reflects teaching strategies and learning styles which ensure full inclusion of the Native American child in a positive learning environment and furthers the educational opportunities of the Native American students enrolled in Oklahoma’s public schools.

Links to Native American Resources

Native American Scholarships

ED 506 Form

Facts and Figures

  • There are over 150,000 Native American students attending Oklahoma public schools.
  • For FY 2023-24, Oklahoma has 407 Title VI Indian Education programs in Oklahoma public schools.
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Last updated on November 17, 2023