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Oklahoma Advisory Council on Indian Education (OACIE)

Welcome to the OACIE 

The Oklahoma Advisory Council on Indian Education (OACIE) was created by House Bill 2929 which became effective on July 1, 2010, and will continue until July 1, 2020. Per state statute, the Council meets quarterly per fiscal year and produces an annual report with recommendations to the Oklahoma State Board of Education.

OACIE First Quarter Regular Meeting of Fiscal Year 2018

Key Information:

Next Meeting

Wednesday, February 21st at the Oklahoma State Department of Education in the State Board of Education Room at 10:00 a.m

2019 Regular Schedule

  • (02/20/2019) February 20
  • (04/17/2019) April 17
  • (07/24/2019) July 24
  • (10/23/2019) October 23

Meeting Protocol

Meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. Central Time and are held at Oklahoma State Department of Education unless noted otherwise.

Council members are seated at the Board of Education conference table, and guests are to sit in the gallery adjacent to the table.

All guests must sign-in at the designated registration table. OACIE public documents such as handouts, agendas, copies of presentations are available here.

Access Public Notices

All OACIE meetings are public meetings and shall adhere to the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act

In the event of inclement weather, the OACIE may cancel a regular meeting and schedule a special meeting. You may find the latest meeting information with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, Public Meeting Notices

You are encouraged to review OACIE public records (Agendas, Minutes, Sign-in Sheets) found below.

Key Responsibilities of the OACIE:

Per O.S. 70 §3-173(B), the Council shall:

  1. Make recommendations to the State Board of Education and the Superintendent of Public Instruction in educational matters affecting the education of Native American students;
  2. Promote educational opportunities and improvement of the quality of education provided to Native American students throughout the state;
  3. Advocate for Native American students in the state; and
  4. Monitor and evaluate how the public education system of the state impacts Native American students.

Per O.S. 70 §3-173(H), the Council has the following duties:

  1. Identify strategies for developing an efficient and reliable process of communications between Oklahoma education entities, educators, tribal organizations and other interested parties;
  2. Identify and disseminate research-based, measurable criteria, both behavioral and academic, by which the success and efficacy of the education offered to Native American students in Oklahoma may be measured;
  3. Analyze data to ensure that education agencies in Oklahoma continue to address the education needs of Native American students;
  4. Encourage and promote Native American educational leadership at all levels of the education system; and
  5. Make recommendations to the State Board of Education for programs that will help achieve the purposes of the Oklahoma Advisory Council on Indian Education Act. 

Per 70 O.S. §3-173(C), the Council shall comprise of (18) appointed members designated as the Oklahoma Advisory Council on Indian Education. You may review a council member's official appointment letter, by clicking on their respective name:

Name Organization Representing
Greg Anderson Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Nation
Lori Hamilton Chickasaw Nation Tribal Nation
Lisa John Chickasaw Nation Tribal Nation
Jana Roth Delaware Tribe Tribal Nation
David Walkingstick Cherokee Nation Tribal Nation
Judy Davis Miami Tribe Tribal Education Agency
Rhonda Hayworth Ottawa Tribe Tribal Education Agency
Mary McCormick Sac and Fox Nation Tribal Education Agency
James Parrish Choctaw Nation Tribal Education Agency
Lucyann Harjo Norman Public Schools Oklahoma Council for Indian Education
Esther Bell Shawnee, OK Statewide Teacher Organization
Paul Pinkerton Stilwell, OK Statewide Teacher Organization
Robert Bible College of the Muscogee Nation Tribal College/Universities
Shoshana Wasserman American Indian Cultural Center and Museum Native American Cultural and Education Authority
Cori Gray Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
Annette Long Oklahoma Higher Education Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
Todd Crabtree Byng Public Schools Superintendent Statewide Organization for School Superintendents
Julian Guerrero Oklahoma K-12 Education Oklahoma State Department of Education


Access Meeting Records (Agendas, Minutes, and Sign-in Sheets)

  • (10/23/2019) October 23 - Agenda | Minutes | Sign-in Sheet 
  • (07/24/2019) July 24 - Agenda | Minutes | Sign-in Sheet 
  • (04/17/2019) April 17 - Agenda | Minutes | Sign-in Sheet (unofficial minutes drafted, pending certification)
  • (02/20/2019) February 20 - Agenda | Minutes | Sign-in Sheet (No Quorum)

**New 2018 OAIE Maintenance of Published Records Standard**

Meeting records prior to 2018 are currently being retrieved due to a transition from the prior Director of Indian Education to the new Executive Director for the Office of American Indian Education (OAIE). Previous years' (2010-2017) published records did not consistently include agendas and sign-in sheets, the OAIE will update previous meeting records to reflect the new 2018 Maintenance of Published Records Standard by December 21, 2019. 

2017 (Currently Under Review)
  • October 11
  • July 12
  • April 12 
  • February 8 | Minutes
  • October 12 | Minutes
  • July 20 | Minutes
  • April 13 | Minutes
  • February 10 | Minutes


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Last updated on December 4, 2019