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House Bill 1715 was signed into law April 26, 2021, by Governor Kevin Stitt, effective immediately. With the passage of this law, Driven to Read is hereby repealed, and students are no longer required to show 8th grade reading proficiency when applying for a driver's permit or license. Students are still required to show proof of enrollment from their school.

Memorandum: Interim/Benchmark Assessment Program Vendors

2021 Test Proctor (TP) Updated Requirement - New 3/4/2021
DTC Corner
WCEPS Benchmark Assessment System Analysis Report

2020-2021 OSTP Assessment Calendar - New 1/07/2021

OSTP FAQs - New 3/9/2021
Spring 2021 DTC Assessment, Administration, and Technology Training - New 2/22/2021
2021 OSTP & CCRA Testing Irregularity Form - New 2/23/2021
2020-2021 Monitoring List - New 2/22/2021
2020-2021 DTC Designation Form and CCRA Selection
OSDE & MetaMetrics: Lexile Measures in Oklahoma Presentation - 10/14/2020
OSDE & MetaMetrics: Quantile Measures in Oklahoma Presentation - 10/14/2020
Assessment Task Force Final Report
Superintendent Hofmeister response letter on requests to remove a student from testing

Assessment Topics

State Testing Resources

Manuals, presentations, procedures, test administrator and proctor training, state summary reports, assessment accommodations, Driven-to-Read

College- and Career-Readiness Assessments

SAT & ACT, CCRA: Science & U.S. History content

Assessment Materials

Test Blueprints, Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs), Test and Item Specifications, PSTGs, and Writing Exemplars for the OSTP Grades 3-8 assessments.

Test Security and Assessment Monitoring 

Test security, desk & on-site monitoring information, and Academic Assessment Monitoring Program (AAMP) resources

DTC Corner

Assessment important dates, links to assessment portals & help and support sites, accommodations resources and manuals, training resources and modules

English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA)

Resources and updates for English Language Proficiency Assessments

The Nation’s Report Card (NAEP)

Resources for the National Assessment of Educational Progress

Assessments Staff

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Last updated on June 11, 2021