Test Security & Assessment Monitoring

Each district test coordinator, building test coordinator, test administrator, and test proctor is responsible for all secure test materials received and for returning all secure test materials (See Section 210:10-13-4 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code). Violation of regulations may result in revocation of a person’s teaching, counseling, administrative, and/or other certificates.

  • The tests, and all of the materials associated with these tests, are secure materials.  It is important not to provide an opportunity for any student to have access to the tests and thus have an advantage over other students before the administration of the tests. Prior exposure to the tests would invalidate scores.

  • The materials associated with these tests may not be photocopied or reproduced in any other fashion, including paraphrasing--to do so is in violation of copyright law.

  • The materials may not be provided to any person except those conducting the testing process and those being tested.

  • Test questions may not be taught in part or in whole before, during, or after testing. The answers to questions may not be provided to students verbally, in writing, or in any other fashion. Answers may not be erased or altered by anyone except the student during the course of taking the test.

  • Test documents (books or writing answer documents) are not to be opened before the test session by anyone.  Only students being tested are allowed to break the seal and open the documents at the time of testing.  Once a test document is opened during test administration, no one other than the student taking the test is allowed to look inside the document.  The only exception to this rule is in the case of a test administrator who must provide certain testing accommodation(s). 

  • Student test tickets and access codes MUST remain secure.  No one, other than the student testing, should access an online test with a test ticket.  (District personnel needing to verify system functionality may do so by creating students and student test sessions in the Online Assessment System Practice Test environment.)

  • Test administrators must ensure that testing materials are not left open or in unattended areas. However, the parent, student, and teacher guide and the test administration manual should be distributed prior to testing so that test administrators may become familiar with these directions before testing begins.  No other materials are to be removed from the school building except under special conditions described in this manual.

  • Each district test coordinator, building test coordinator, test administrator, and test proctor will be required to sign and date an appropriate security form, as described below.

Academic Assessment Monitoring Program


Test Security and Assessment Monitoring contact:

Sarah Owens, Mathematics Assessment Specialist


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Last updated on March 28, 2019