Assessment Guidance

Oklahoma recognizes that a robust assessment system is tied closely to students’ learning and teachers’ instructional practices by valuing and promoting local, classroom-based formative assessments that help make student learning visible. At the same time, that system should provide a strong summative assessment program that fits as a component within a multifaceted state, district and school accountability system. Oklahoma ESSA Plan (p 48)

The OSDE supports an assessment system by working with Oklahoma Educators and Stakeholders to:

  • Ensure that state and federally required annual summative assessments delivered through the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) are effective and meaningful to families, districts, educators, and members of the community
  • Develop Instructional resources to support local formative and interim assessments through the curriculum frameworks projects and assessment guidance toolkit
  • Build and deliver professional learning through face-to-face and web-based resources to support local assessment needs and interpretation of state assessment data

Assessment  Guidance Tools and Resources

For Educators

2018 Resources: 


For Parents and Families

Please visit:


2017 Resources

Reminder- The 2016-17 testing marked a total reset and established a new baseline year. 

2016-17 Hitting the Reset Button: CCRA Toolkit Preview
By Superintendent Joy Hofmeister and Dr. Jeanene Barnett

This video provides an overview of the 2016-17 Reset


    For Assessment Literacy

    The OSDE defines Assessment literacy as the set of beliefs, knowledge and practices about assessment that lead a teacher, administrator, policymaker or student to use assessment to improve student learning and achievement. Such literacy is essential as we move into ESSA where the focus is on student growth as they move through our K-12 systems. 

    Shifts in How We Think About Assessment Under ESSA

    From To
    From one assessment on one day A system where different types of assessments serve different purposes
    Solely for Accountability Teaching and Learning Tool
    After Learning for a grade Ongoing before, during, and after learning to guide learning
    One measure condensed to produce a "Score" Descriptive evidence from multiple measures to provide feedback and support growth
    Adults "do" the Assessment to students Adults and students are actively engaged in collecting evidence of learning and providing feedback

    Measured Progress Portal Tools

    All data related to assessments delivered through the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) is housed in the Measured Progress Portal. Access to this data does require a username and password. 



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