Personnel Background Checks & Sex and Violent Crime Offender Registry

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Web site
Click on "Offenders," then "Offender Lookup" to search by individual's last and first name (or DOC case number if available)

Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Web site
Available in alphabetical and county listing

Oklahoma Probation and Parole Web site
To check parole status, search by offender's DOC case number and last name

Oklahoma State Courts Network Web site
Click on "Court Dockets," then "Search Dockets" to search individual's court cases by county

Oklahoma Sex and Violent Crime Offender Registry Web site

School administrators are reminded of the primary purpose of Senate Bill (SB) 440 (pdf):
"A person whose name appears on this registry has been convicted of a sex offense. Continuing to employ a person whose name appears on this registry may result in civil liability for the employer or criminal prosecution pursuant to Section 589 of Title 57 of the Oklahoma Statutes."

SB 440, approved in the 2005 legislative session, gave the state superintendent the authority to access the Sex Offender Registry and the duty to ensure its contents were available for inspection by all school administrators.

Some helpful hints about the Registry:

  • It is not necessary to know a person's name to find out if a school's neighbor is a convicted sex offender -- the registry can be searched by state, city, county or zip code for a wider range of results
  • In addition to checking this site, you should contact your local police department or sheriff's office for information they may have about known offenders in your community.
  • The Oklahoma Department of Corrections updates the registry daily to provide the most complete and accurate information. Through regular correspondence and cooperation with local police departments and sheriff's offices, address and other information is updated to ensure its validity and timeliness.

NOTE: Check "Delinquent registrations" as well. There are more than 1200 registered sex offenders believed to be in violation of the Sex Offenders Registration Act. If you have information as to their whereabouts, please communicate it to us by clicking on the name and entering the information, as well as by notifying your local authorities.

For more information concerning background checks, contact Scott Chisholm at the State Department of Education, Teacher Certification Section, at (405) 521-3337.

School districts requesting background checks on applicants for school employment may download the Application for National Criminal History Record Check (pdf) form on the Teacher Certification Web page.

Last updated on December 8, 2017