Bullying Prevention

Bullying has a negative effect on the social environment of schools, creates a climate of fear among students, inhibits the ability to learn, and leads to other antisocial behavior. Other detrimental effects of bullying include impact on school safety, student engagement, and the overall school environment.

Bullying is dangerous because if left unattended it can rapidly escalate into even more serious violence and abuse. Just as you have gateway drugs, bullying is gateway behavior. Too often it is the first step down the road to one of the tragic incidents of school violence we all have watched in horror on the evening news. This Web site is dedicated to preventing bullying behavior.

Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans

Bullying Prevention Research-Based Curriculum

Research studies have found that school-based, anti-bullying prevention programs reduced bullying and victimization by an average of 20%. A list of research-based bullying prevention programs examined and approved by federal agencies has been provided in the web site below.

Bullying Prevention Programs

Bullying Prevention Professional Development

Looking for staff development on bullying prevention? The State Department of Education has presentation kits available to check out. The presentation kit helps staff understand how a school wide program enhances bullying-prevention efforts. This presentation will help you quickly and easily educate school staff on traits and risk factors associated with children who bully, steps they can follow to help prevent bullying, interventions to use when bullying happens, strategies shown not to work well in bullying prevention, and more. Presentation kit includes a PowerPoint, take-home materials, and a leader guide. To check out the presentation kit, please e-mail Joy Hermansen.

Bullying Prevention Parent Education

Looking for parent education on bullying prevention? The State Department of Education has a presentation kit available to check out. Parents gain a better understanding of the pervasiveness and damaging effects of bullying, learn to recognize the signs of bullying, and are prepared to implement effective strategies for preventing physical and emotional intimidation. This interactive presentation gives them the facts about bullying prevention, plus opportunities to learn, create, and practice bullying-prevention solutions they can pass on to their children. Presentation kit includes a PowerPoint presentation, take-home materials, and a leader guide. To check out the presentation kit, please e-mail Joy Hermansen.


Bullying Prevention Resources

There are many reliable web sites with bullying prevention information and resources. A list of helpful resources for parents, students, and staff has been provided in the web site below.

Bullying Prevention Resources

Oklahoma State Statutes Regarding Bullying Prevention

Bullying Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about bullying? The web site below will address all of the frequently asked question from parents, students, and staff members.

Bullying Incident Statistics

The 2013 Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS):

Oklahoma YRBS Violence Fact Sheet

The 2012-2013 Annual Incident Report statewide bullying incident totals indicated that:

  • There were 3,784 reported incidents of bullying involving Kindergarten through 5th grade students.
  • There were 5,309 reported incidents of bullying involving 6th through 8th grade students.
  • There were  1,801 reported incidents of bullying involving 9th through 12th grade students.

2013-2014 Annual Incident Report statewide totals


This form can be completed when there is a witness to a bullying incident.

Witness Report Form (pdf)

This form can be completed to provide the details of a bullying incident to the district.

Incident Report Form (pdf)

This form can be used to assist districts in investigating reported bullying behaviors.

Investigation Form (pdf)

This form can be used when interviewing students involved in a bullying incident.

Interview Form (pdf)

This letter can be used to notify a district of a bullying incident.

Parent Letter (Word)

This form can be used by students to notify the school of being bullied or harassed.

Student Report Form (pdf)

This document can be used to assess bullying in schools.

Assessment Tools (pdf)

This document can be used to survey school staff regarding bullying prevention.

Staff Survey (Word)

This is a sample student behavior contract.

Student Behavior Contract (pdf)

This is a sample anti-bullying community pledge.

Community Pledge (pdf)

This is a reproducible poster on who to contact in a bullying situation.

Contact Chart (pdf)

This a bullying warning signs reproducible brochure.

Warning Signs Brochure (pdf)

State Department of Education's checkout library with bullying prevention resources.

Safe and Healthy Schools Video Library Resource List and Checkout Form

Take Action Against Bullying Bookmark 

Bookmark (pdf)


Last updated on August 26, 2016