Special Education Sequestration

A budget sequester is when funds that would otherwise be spent under current law are reserved, and are used instead for deficit reduction.This sequestration will force across-the-board budget cuts on almost every discretionary program and would indiscriminately cut services that are essential to every state and community.


What Sequestration Means for Oklahoma

For Oklahoma, federal funding may shrink as follows:

  1.  Title I Grants – $4,986,823
  2.  IDEA Part B Grants – $7,300,677
  3.  Impact Aid – $60 million 
  4.  Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants – $37 million.

Assistant Secretary Yudin expressed his concern that the sequestration will take effect, unless acted upon by March 27, 2013, with a resolution that will supersede the Act. He stated, “Education should be the last place to reduce funding cuts to vital programs”, but he estimated that there will be a 5% cut to federal funds across the board, based on last year’s program allocations. The sequestration will also reduce funds dramatically for IDEA Part C (SoonerStart) service to infants and toddlers with disabilities.


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Last updated on April 9, 2014