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The Office of School Support's goal and responsibility is to provide you with the support, financial assistance and/or resources needed to build capacity and sustain change that positively impacts your students and their achievement.

This includes helping to facili­tate, collaborate and coordinate with other OSDE departments to help ensure you are provided a network of resources and support.


Regarding FY17 Project 515 Budget Closeout Process:

Due to budgetary cut-backs and system developer limitations, the Office of School Support is unable to provide a closeout report option for the FY17 Project 515 Budget.

LEAs that would like to get Summer expenditures pre-approved may complete a budget template and email it to their assigned school support specialists. The specialists will verify that the carryover amount is correct and that the expenditures are allowable. They will provide pre-approval via email back to the LEA. Once the August State School Board Meeting has occurred, carryover will be loaded into the FY18 Project 515 Budgets. LEAs, with or without pre-approvals, will need to complete and submit their plans and budgets as normal.

LEAs that have no Summer expenditures or do not wish to get anything pre-approved, will simply wait until the carryover is moved and complete their FY18 Project 515 Budget as usual.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of School Support.

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