Instructional Technologies - Supplemental Online Courses

Supplemental Online Course Procedures

Rules (O.A.C. 210:15-34)

Oklahoma requires all public schools to offer educationally appropriate supplemental online opportunities for all of their students, including transfer students. An online course refers to a course that a student takes primarily or exclusivley online instead of in a regular classroom. Supplemental online courses are online courses that a student takes instead of, or to replace, courses offered in the school.  The student must be enrolled in at least one course in a classroom in the district in order to take a supplemental online course.  Schools pay the cost of the online courses up to the academic equivalent of five hours of supplemental online instruction per day at no cost to the student. Students may pay for additional courses on their own.

"Educationally appropriate" was defined in the 2013 legislative session (SB 419) as "any instruction that is not substantially a repeat of a course or portion of a course that the student has successfully completed, regardless of the grade of the student, and regardless of whether a course is similar to or identical to the instruction that is currently offered in the school district." This definition of educationally appropriate was issued as an emergency rule to update O.A.C. 210:15-34. The final rule is awaiting publication through the Oklahoma Office of Administrative Rules as of July, 2014.

Available Courses: The various providers combined offer over 3000 total courses and almost 700 unique courses. Most of the courses are listed on this document, avaliable as a PDF or XLSX File.

Parents: If your child is interested in taking online courses for credit, contact your local district. The district selects and approves providers, which may include online courses taught by district teachers. Parents or guardians must sign a form that allows test results to be released to the provider, and students must have approval from the district and enroll in a course with the aid of the district if they expect to earn credit and have the district pay for the course. Students are also responsible for providing their own technology if they take the course from a remote (outside of school district facilities) location. If your child has been denied an online course, please let us know by emailing Please provide your student's first name, last name, course that was requested, the reason that was given for denial, and any course of action that was taken by the school or district. If you have been told that students are not allowed to request courses, please let us know that as well. If you do not get a response to your email within a couple of days, please call Kurt Bernhardt at (405) 521-3364.

Districts: District superintendents have access to the list of third party providers and courses that have been submitted to OSDE by logging into the Wave. Districts have final choice of provider and may contract with any provider they choose. Districts may select any provider, but if a provider is not listed in the Wave, the provider needs to follow the procedures below to be added to the Wave before a contract is finalized. Districts also have the option of developing their own online courses using their own teachers; if so, they may purchase content from any provider or create their own. 

If a student is denied an online learning opportunity within a district, the district must notify the State Department of Education immediately through the Online Supplemental Courses application on the Wave.

Third party supplemental online course providers need to update their contact and course information annually, due before July 1 of each year.  Once you have submitted your information, you cannot resubmit unless OSDE releases your information for update and resubmittal. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • All teachers must have a certificate in accordance with O.A.C. 210:35-21-2 to teach in the content area of the course offered or be a faculty member at an accredited institution of higher education, possessing the specific content expertise necessary to teach the course. (Vendors will have to provide each teacher's certification state and certificate number or the higher institution name at which the teacher is a faculty member.)
  • As a courtesy, vendors may also list curriculum only (no instructor) courses, where the district provides the teacher, in the same system as supplemental online courses so that districts may see all options together.
  • All courses offered shall be aligned with Oklahoma's current academic curriculum standards.
  • Prices are set for the fiscal year. Districts may negotiate a lower price or choose to pay a higher price if the district contracts for additional services.
  • If you are a new provider, you must be registered prior to entering into a contract with a district, but registration can be done any time during the year. Please write or call (405) 521-3364.
  • State Department of Education rules set forth specific and detailed program requirements for which districts and vendors must comply. Rules can be accessed at O.A.C 210:15-34.

Schools and the public can view the  list of Supplemental Online Course Providers.

In order to take an online course, parents need to sign a FERPA waiver that allows the school to share student test scores with the provider. Each student participating in an online supplemental course needs to complete the form and the district keeps the form on file in the district. Schools may use their own FERPA waiver for releasing assessment results.

Supplemental Online Course Providers

The following is the 2015-16 list of providers for online courses who completed the form through the State Department of Education. This list may not include any providers who were added after July 1 of the current school year.  (Districts, the official, up-to-date list is in the Supplemental Online Courses link in the Wave.) Some providers list curriculum-only courses, where the district provides the teacher. Curriculum-only courses are listed as a courtesy so that districts may see all options together. Most of the courses are listed on this document, avaliable as a PDF or XLSX File.

Providers (listed Alphabetically)
Districts - is one of your providers not listed? See the note below about curriculum-only offerings.

  • Connections Advanced Academics
  • Edgenuity Inc.
  • Edmentum
  • Fuel Education
  • Odysseyware Academy
  • Oklahoma Public School Resource Center
  • OSU K12 Distance Learning Academy
  • Rider Classroom Spanish, LLC
  • Sauk Language Program
  • The Virtual High School

A note about curriculum-only offerings: Curriculum-only providers are NOT required to be registered in Supplemental Online Courses as such offerings are instructional materials, not courses.  Districts may choose instructional materials for courses the district teachers teach, including for online courses, following local district policy.


Last updated on August 28, 2015