STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but it's not something that can be simply defined. To truly understand non-superficial STEM education, the idea of perspective and a variety of innovative instructional practices must be considered.

Establishing a strong STEM culture developing the right mind set and people within the school district is essential. A solid commitment to the STEM initiative by the professional educators, local School Board members, industry partners, and community is the only formula of success that has been proven to work in our Oklahoma communities.

To ensure Oklahoma students become inspired learners and prepared leaders who can solve the challenges of a world of emerging STEM careers.  The Oklahoma State Department of Education STEM Team will provide leadership, support, and resources to allow for the design and implementation of effective STEM learning environments and prepare students to make informed decisions on STEM issues and careers.

The OSDE STEM Team designs all projects and activities around these three goals: 

  1. Ensure all students have access to STEM education opportunities; 
  2. Ensure all students have access to highly effective STEM educators; and 
  3. Leverage the stakeholder resources and partnerships to strengthen the STEM education effort of each school.

To ensure our vision is realized, indicators of success are being developed to measure

  • STEM Readiness of Graduates;
  • STEM Access for all Students; and
  • STEM Teacher Recruitment, Retention, and Expertise



Last updated on December 17, 2015