The Mathematics page is a starting place for information related to the Mathematics Education of Oklahoma students. With so many changes in education happening, it is vital to our success as educators to be professionally engaged.

What's New?
<UNDER CONSTRUCTION> The OKMath Framework Project has produced nearly 1,000 pages of resources designed to promote a strong implementation of the new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics. View the ever-growing live update of the project at
Join hundreds of Oklahoma Math teachers as we work toward implementing rich math tasks for one week during each nine weeks! The Math Task Force is underway and we want you to join us! Check it out at
Is your department or PLC looking for resources? Check out the Math Standards Implementation Toolkit at for links to all of our resources! Read more at
Feedback period closed. View Unit 1 Drafts of the Math Framework Project at!
New Calculator Policy (updated 9/2016) and Blueprints (3-PA + 10th) Released for 2016-2017 Assessments
Experience the first Professional Development On Your Plan Short Course, Implications for Grade Level Expectations

Department Contacts

Levi Patrick
Director of Secondary (6-12) Mathematics
(405) 522-3525
Robbyn Glinsmann
Director of Elementary Mathematics
(405) 522-3522
Sarah Owens
Mathematics Assessment Specialist
(405) 521-3747
Tracie Raibourn
Coordinator for STEM
(405) 521-3363
Angela Kwok
Special Education Mathematics and Universal Design/Technology Specialist
(405) 522-5036


Last updated on October 17, 2016