State Aid | State Appropriated Financial Support of Public Schools

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Renee McWaters
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Lori Kimbrough
Financial & Data Analyst

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Financial Specialist

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The State Aid office is responsible for the state education funding formula, school activity funds and grants distribution.

The office also works in the implementation of “New” funding legislation and collecting all required data from schools, state agencies, and SDE departments to calculate equitable funding for distribution to all public schools and charters. We strive to educate our clientele with accurate data for the financial needs of Oklahoma public schools and charters.


FY19 Adjusted State Aid Allocation (8/10/18) is now available on Single Sign On under Allocation Notices
FY19 initial Flexible Benefit Allowance allocation is now available on Single Sign On under Allocation Notices
Driver Education Prior Year Reimbursement applications are due on Tuesday September 4th, 2018  


Last updated on August 17, 2018