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The Oklahoma State Department of Education is excited to partner with local affiliates to bring high-quality, age-appropriate books to the homes of Oklahoma children from birth through their fifth birthday. Affilates are 501(c)(3) organizations that cover the cost of book, mailing, and enrolling children in their local community into the Imagination Library book gifting program. As the Imagination Library expands statewide, the Oklahoma State Department of Education will be looking for new affiliates to ensure every child in Oklahoma has access to the program. If you or your organization are interested in becoming an affiliate, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions linked here and found below.

Existing Affiliates

The table below is a listing of currently operating affiliates, along with their zip codes, counties, and cities served. This list will be updated as new affiliate programs are added.

Interested Affiliates Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an Imagination Library affiliate?


Imagination Library affiliates are 501(c)(3) organizations that have strong connections to families of young children in their communities and choose to partner with the Dollywood Foundation to provide their monthly book gifting program. Successful Imagination Library affiliates have been run by United Way groups, libraries, education foundations, and many other children-and-family-based organizations.

How do I know if my organization is a good fit for the Imagination Library program?


If your organization can fundraise to cover the rate of up to $2.10 per child from birth through age 5 enrolled in your geographic area per month and can provide outreach to the community so families know where they can register, you may be a great fit to be an affiliate partner.

Is there a selection process to become an affiliate? What do I need to apply?


There is no specific selection process to become an affiliate. Historically, affiliates have been awarded to the first organization in a community that expresses interest and has the financial capacity to take on the program. The process of becoming an affiliate is self-paced and can take anywhere from six weeks to a few months. The organization must complete an agreement form with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, provide a copy of their 501(c)(3) certification letter, and complete a special postal form which requires a postal official’s signature.

Are books mailed directly to the affiliate organization?


No, one of the hallmarks of the program is that books are mailed to the homes of participating families direct from Imagination Library headquarters in Tennessee.

As an affiliate, how large will my coverage area be?


Affiliates can select a coverage area as small as a zip code or as large as a county. New affiliate service areas are determined before registration for families is open and can be expanded by the affiliate as desired.

What support will the OSDE offer affiliates?

The OSDE has earmarked $2.5 million in federal emergency relief funding to match local affiliate funding 1:1, paying for half of the $2.10 needed per child each month. While this funding source will expire in 2024, the OSDE is working to secure additional funding to continue match funding into 2025 and beyond. Match funding will automatically be applied to affiliate monthly book order invoices. The Dollywood Foundation will apply match funding for Oklahoma affiliates beginning with the May 2022 invoice. The OSDE will also provide program support to local affiliates through fundraising, public awareness campaigns, and providing networking opportunities for Oklahoma affiliates.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

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Last updated on September 13, 2022