Kendra Wesson

Oklahoma State Board of Education
District 4 Appointee

Kendra Wesson is a proud Oklahoman and a member of the Caddo Nation. She was born in Lawton and attended 9 different schools from K – 12. This has given her an understanding of Oklahoma’s rural communities and how important Public Education is in those areas.

Kendra is the President of an accounting firm in Norman, OK and she has served businesses across many industries for over three decades with their accounting needs. She specializes in CFO for hire and operational efficiency and profitability. Kendra has been active on a local school board for almost two years where she has made education decisions including employee pay, contracts, and strategic planning. She has also worked on school board elections around the state encouraging candidates to run and promoting get out the vote efforts. Kendra and her husband share eight children and when they were very small, she opened a childcare center and became one of the first three-star childcares in Oklahoma. She earned her first associate degree in Accounting from OSU, a second associate degree in Business Enterprise from OSU, and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a CPA emphasis from Mid-America Christian University.

2500 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

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Last updated on August 15, 2023