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New Emergency Rule Amendment In Effect - Career Tech certification option


On September 10, 2018, Governor Fallin approved an emergency amendment to the rule governing the issuance of educator certificates, incorporating a new statutory option for technology center instructors to achieve certification based in part on industry competencies (see 70 O.S. Section 6-189(F)). This emergency rule provision is now in effect, and a permanent version will be adopted in 2019. For the new provision, see the final, highlighted paragraph in this document:

210:20-9-91.  Application for new certificates [AMENDED]

2019 OSDE Administrative Rules

Pending Rule Changes and Statuses

Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) administrative rules are published in Title 210 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code.

Click here to access the online version of the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) on the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office of Administrative Rules website. To view the State Department of Education rules, select the blue box labeled "View Code" from the options at the left side of the screen, then scroll down and select the link for "Title 210 - State Department of Education." (Please note that updates to the online OAC are not immediate, and the online content may not reflect the most recent amendments. For OSDE rule changes that went into effect September 14, 2018, please see the 2018 Rules Archive.)

Agency rulemaking is governed by the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act (APA) at 75 O.S. § 250 et seq. Notice documents required by the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act are published in the Oklahoma Register by the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office of Administrative Rules (OAR). Informational materials on the APA rulemaking process are available at the OAR website. The public is invited to submit comments on proposed permanent rules during the open public comment periods via email at The APA does not require a public comment period for emergency rules prior to adoption, but when possible the agency provides an opportunity for public comment on proposed emergency rules.

After the close of the public comment period, proposed permanent rules are submitted to the State Board of Education for adoption. Proposed permanent rules which have been adopted by the Board are submitted to the Legislature and Governor for review in accordance with the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act.

Please see below for information and updates regarding the status of administrative rules proposed for adoption by the State Board of Education.

Proposed Rule Actions 

OPEN for Public Comment

The following rule changes are now OPEN for comment.  The public comment period will close at 4:30 p.m. on  Friday, November 2, 2018.  Written comments may be submitted by email to, or by fax to (405) 522-6256.

A public hearing will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, November 2, 2018, in Room 1-20 (State Board Room) at the Oliver Hodge Building, 2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, in Oklahoma City. The State Board of Education is expected to consider these rule changes at its public meeting on November 29, 2018. If approved by the State Board, the rule changes will then be submitted to the Oklahoma Legislature for review during the 2019 legislative session. Administrative rule changes must be approved by the Legislature or the Governor to go into effect. 

Chapter 10.  School Administration and Instructional Services
Subchapter 1.  General Provisions
210:10-1-3.  Reports and records for attendance, enrollment, and transportation [AMENDED]

Text of proposed rule
Rule Impact Statement

Chapter 35.  Standards for Accreditation of Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary, and Career and Technology Schools
Subchapter 3.  Standards for Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary, and Career and Technology Schools
Part 5.  Standard VIII: Administration and Organization
210:35-3-46.  Administrative and supervisory services [AMENDED]

Text of proposed rule
Rule Impact Statement

Chapter 40.  Grants and Programs-in-Aid
Subchapter 87.  Rules for Payments to Charter Schools 
210:40-87-4.  Penalty for noncompliance [AMENDED]
210:40-87-6.  Charter school insurance and surety bonding [AMENDED]

Text of proposed rules
Rule Impact Statement

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