Alternative Paths to Teacher Certification

The following are the alternative paths to obtaining a teacher certification in Oklahoma.

Alternative Placement Program (not for early childhood, elementary or special education)
Provides an opportunity for individuals with non-teaching degrees to teach in Oklahoma accredited schools

Alternative Certification for early childhood and/or elementary.  Provides bachelor's degree candidates, with certain experience, an opportunity to become certified in early childhood and/or elementary education, before they have taken certification exams. For experience verification, districts should use the D2 District Verification Form - Alternative Early Childhood and Elementary Program. For coursework verification, colleges should use the C2 College Verification Form - Alternative Early Childhood and Elementary Program.

Career Development Program for Paraprofessionals (for early childhood, elementary and special education ONLY)
A path for individuals who are teaching assistants to acquire a teaching certificate

CareerTech Instructor Certification
For individuals wishing to know more about teaching in the Oklahoma CareerTech system

Troops To Teachers
Troops to Teachers is a federally funded program designed to assist separated members of the US military with obtaining certification and employment as teachers.

Four-Year Olds and Younger Certificate
A path for Child Development Associates in Head Start programs to teach four-year-old and younger students in a public school

Oklahoma Title I (tier 1) Paraprofessional Teaching Credential (Teaching Assistant)
A path for individuals who are teaching assistants at Title I schools to acquire a teaching certificate

NEW- For school district administrators: 
Paraprofessional credentials have been added to OECS. District Superintendent and District Human Resources roles in OECS will now be able to recommend paraprofessional candidates for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Paraprofessional credentials.  Districts can start the recommendation process by clicking on the "Manage Your Paraprofessional Recommendations".  Once the educator is recommended the educator will be able to apply online using their recommendation tile.


NOTE: The Extension on a Non-Standard application should only to be used in cases when requirements to renew a provisional certificate or move to the next level of certification have not been met.  (excludes emergency and temporary certificates)--PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH


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Last updated on April 15, 2024