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multicolored fingerprintsBackground checks are a necessary component for Oklahoma educators, district personnel and school support staff. These background checks are based on fingerprint checks processed through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.




As of August 1, 2023, walk-ins will not be accepted after 4:00pm. You may drop off correspondence at the front desk but no visitors will be allowed to go to the Teacher Certification offices.

Beginning September 1, 2022, the fee for live-scan fingerprints will be $58.25.


  • OSDE conducts all live-scan fingerprinting Monday-Friday during regular business hours by appointment only.
  • Background checks for teacher certification are valid for one year. If you are not issued a certificate within a year of your background check clearance date, the background check will be considered void.
  • If your most recent certificate has been expired for over a year, you will need to complete one of the background check options listed below.
  • House Bill 3398 is in effect. This bill requires that any teacher who does not have a background check on file with OSDE to obtain one before qualifying to renew their certificate. It also mandates that any school district employee hired prior to July 1, 2020, who does not have a background check on file with OSDE must obtain one by June 30, 2022.
  • School administrators and human resource staff now have a tab on thier OECS dashboard that allows them to view all certified and support staff within their districts who do not have a background check on file with the OSDE.


The following choices will help direct you to the information you need.

Important Notice

Effective September 1, 2022, the $57.25 fee for the certification and employment background checks will increase to $58.25. Please continue to make checks payable to Idemia.

All applicants must now pre-register on the IdentoGO website ( prior to being printed, regardless if the printing is done at a satellite site or the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE). Applicants cannot be printed without the registration ID number that the website will provide after the registration is complete. Also, when registering, there will be a "Service Code Entry" screen and the following codes must be entered according to the purpose needed.

 "School District Employment" service code is 2B7KRR

"Teacher Certification" service code is 2B7KS5

"Dual Processing" (only available at OSDE) service code is 2B7KTN

Idemia will now offer Out-of-State digital fingerprinting services (if available in your area). You may register online at the IdentoGO website.

Furthermore, the Department of Education will no longer process physical fingerprint cards for the $58.25 payment option at our site for any purposes. All cards completed with the $58.25 payment option should be sent directly to IdentoGO by the applicant. Instructions on how to send the cards along with the address are provided on the IdentoGO website. Please note, we will still offer the $45 OSBI employment background check option. Please continue to send those to the OSDE.

If you have any questions, contact 405-521-3337 and ask to be transferred to fingerprinting office.


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Last updated on July 26, 2023