Bonded Indebtedness


Current List of Bonded Indebtedness at 85% or greater 11.15.2023

Each year, State Aid extracts from the Estimate of Needs the bonds issued and bonds paid. However, "new bond" or "series bond" information will not show up on the Estimate of Needs until bonds are issued. To calculate an accurate bonded indebtedness for each district, we require districts to submit the following information for proof of bonded indebtedness:  

  • Copy of School Board Resolution calling for the Bond Election (Amount of bonds and use)  

  • Bond Election results from Election Board for each proposition (Provides percentage [%] passed and date of election)  

  • Copy of Exhibit "E" from the most current Estimate of Needs (Provides original issue, paid in current and prior years for bond)  

  • Copy of Exhibit "Y" shows the most current Valuation available, but dependent upon election date as to which valuation year is used.  

  • Copy of sinking fund schedule to show bonds issued, payments, and pending bond issues remaining. 

Districts can upload the information above into their Oklahoma Cost Accounting System under estimate of needs. Please name your upload Bonded. All items can be scanned into one document. 

Calculate current bonded indebtedness here

Instructions on how to upload the document

On the Estimate of Needs tab you will see a box titled "Choose File". Click on this button and chose the location of the file to be uploaded. Please name the file Bonded for easy reference. 

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Last updated on November 15, 2023