Imagine Learning

Two programs from Imagine Learning are now available for students at no cost to districts and schools. These programs can support teachers in providing differentiated instruction to students and are available to students both during and outside of the school day. Both programs are grounded in research-based approaches to learning and will help attend to students' unfinished learning.

Imagine Language & Literacy

(Free for Students in Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grades and students who are not reading at grade level in grades 4-6)

Imagine Language & Literacy supports Oklahoma’s Academic Standards for English Language Arts through personalized instruction that accelerates reading and language proficiency. Imagine Language & Literacy is a supplemental, adaptive online curriculum that provides targeted instruction in all four domains of literacy — reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Its flexibility makes it suited for any instructional setting, from whole-class to small-group to one-on-one.

Imagine Math

(Free for students in Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grades and discounted for Pre-K through Fourth grade students)

Imagine Math is a comprehensive, supplemental, skills-based online math program. The platform works with the classroom teacher to tailor online instruction to the needs of individual students. Students can also access live 1:1 support from certified math teachers in English and Spanish after school hours. Imagine Math is fully aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics, including authentic assessments, adaptive learning pathways, embedded scaffolds and actionable data.


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Last updated on October 19, 2022