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High quality, ongoing, and sustained professional development is critical to the successful integration of technology in the classroom. In support of this effort, the Instructional Technology section provides face-to-face and online learning opportunities.

Monthly Digital Teaching and Learning Webinars

With the recent passage of Oklahoma House Bill 1576, Oklahoma teachers are required to have professional development covering "digital teaching and learning standards to enhance content delivery to students and improve student achievement." In order to meet this need, the OSDE will be providing monthly webinars on various uses of technology to enhance instruction.

NOTE: All sessions will be recorded and will be posted on this web page after the live event.

Month Date Time Topic Description Presenter Registration Link Archive Videos Presentation Slides
September 2017 9-29-17 3:00 p.m. ISTE Standards Learn more about the 2016 ISTE Student Standards and the 2017 ISTE Teacher Standards. Kurt Bernhardt - OSDE   View on Vimeo  
11-2-17 3-4 p.m. & 7-8 p.m. Teaching About Technology with Storybooks So you don't have much technology in your school? Don't let that stop you. Attend this webinar to learn about how you can teach important concepts about technology through Children's Literature. Dr. Theresa Cullen from the University of Oklahoma Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education will share from her technology personal storybook collection and will share examples of how you can inspire students to consider tech careers and show digital citizenship without ever having to turn on a switch. We will discuss both technology and ELA standards that you will be able to address with one lesson plan. Dr. Theresa Cullen - Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma
  View on Vimeo  
November 2017 Nov. 27 7 p.m. Swift Playgrounds Prepare for Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code by learning how to teach your students Swift Playgrounds on the iPad. Dr. Theresa Cullen   View on Vimeo  
Nov. 28 3 p.m. Prepare for Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code by learning how to teach your students how to code on McKalyn Danner   View on Vimeo  
Nov. 29 7 p.m. Scratch Jr. Prepare for Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code by learning how to teach your students how to code with the Scratch Jr. for iPad or Android tablets. Shelly Fryer   View of Vimeo Download Slides
Nov. 30 7 p.m. Scratch Scratch is free software from MIT which allows learners of any age to create interactive games, tell stories, make animations, and more. In this session we'll learn the basics of Scratch coding and highlight ways to get your own students started with Scratch. Dr. Wesley Fryer   View of Vimeo

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December 2017 No PD in December.  
2018 Dates will be posted when available.  


Presentation Slides from Past Events

Altus PD - Feb. 20, 2017: Engaging Students with Digital Learning


Face-to-Face Opportunities

If you would like face-to-face professional development for teachers within your district in the use of technology in the classroom, contact Karen Leonard at or 405-521-3364. Please provide details of what type of training you would like, the number of teachers and the requested time frame.

Other Online Opportunities

We currently offer training in Bullying Prevention.

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