Internet Safety

Working together - teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults - to make the Internet a safer place for kids. We must safeguard our children's online experience and provide them with the protection from potential dangers and online predators.

Some suggestions for parents:
  • Monitor Internet use and find out which sites your child frequents.
  • Encourage your child to come to you if they encounter anything strange, uncomfortable or upsetting online.
  • Invest in monitoring software to help protect your child while using the computer.
  • Tell your child to NEVER give out any personal information or post photos and NEVER meet anyone in person met online without permission.

To report any indecent materials or pornography involving children or adolescents online, immediately notify your local FBI office or call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at (800) 843-5678.

Test your knowledge of shorthand commonly used online in Instant Messenger and chatrooms.
Online Lingo, from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - take the Internet Safety Quiz for Adults or Kids.

Helpful Links and Resources, (outside the SDE Web site)

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Chat Abbreviations

121one to oneGD&Rgrinning, ducking, & runningLSHMBHlaughing so hard my belly hurtsRYOroll your own
AFAIKas far as I knowGFgirlfriendS4Lspam for life
AFKaway from keyboardGFNgone for nowLSHTTARDMLlaughing so hard the tears are running down my legSETEsmiling ear to ear
AKAalso known asGIWISTgee, I wish I’d said thatSFsurfer friendly
AREacronym-rich environmentGMBOgiggling my butt offLTMlaugh to myselfSHCOONshoot hot coffee out of nose
ASAPas soon as possibleGMTAgreat minds think alikeLTNSlong time, no seeSHIDslaps head in disgust
A/S/L?age, sex, locationGOLgiggling out loudLTRlong term relationshipSNERTsnot nosed egotistical rude teenager
B4beforeGTRMgoing to read mailLTSlaughing to self
B4Nbye for nowGTSYglad to see youLULABlove you like a brotherSOsignificant other
BAKback at the keyboardH&Khug and kissLULASlove you like a sisterSOMYsick of me yet?
BBIABbe back in a bitHAGNhave a good nightLUWAMHlove you with all my heartSOTshort of time
BBLbe back laterHHIShanging head in shameLYlove youSOTMGshort of time, must go
BBMLbe back much laterHTHhope this helpsM/Fmale or femaleSTWsearch the web
BBNbye bye nowIACin any caseMOSSmember of same-sexSUP or WUwhat’s up
BBSbe back soonIAEin any eventMOTOSmember of the opposite sex
BEGbig evil grinIANALI am not a lawyer (but)MSGmessageSWAKsealed with a kiss
BFboyfriendICI seeMTFmore to followSWLscreaming with laughter
BFNbye for nowIDKI don’t knowMUSMmiss you so muchSYSsee you soon
BGbig grinIHAI hate acronymsNADTnot a darn thingTAthanks again
BLbelly laughingIIRCif I remember correctlyNIFOCnaked in front of computerTAFNthat’s all for now
BRBbe right backILUI love youNPnosy parentsTAWteachers are watching
BTAbut then againIMinstant messageN/Pno problemTCOBtaking care of business
BTWby the wayIMHOin my humble opinionNRNno reply necessaryTCOYtake care of yourself
BWLbursting with laughterIMingchatting with someone onlineOIC oh I seeTFHthread from hell
BWTHDIKbut what the heck do I knowIMNSHOin my not so humble opinionOLold ladyTGIFthank God it’s Friday
C&Gchuckle & grinIMOin my opinionOLLonline loveTHXthanks
CIDcrying in disgraceIOWin other wordsOMold manTIAthanks in advance
CNPcontinued (in my) next postIPNI’m posting nakedOMGoh my godTILIItell it like it is
CPchat postIRLin real lifeOTFoff the floorTLK2UL8Rtalk to you later
CRBTcrying real big tearsIWALUI will always love youOTOHon the other handTMItoo much information
CSGchuckle, snicker, grinIYSWIMif you see what I meanOTTOMHoff the top of my headTNT‘till next time
CUsee youJBODjust a bunch of disksP2Ppeer to peerTOPCA‘till our paths cross again
CUL or CUL8ERsee you laterJICjust in caseP911my parents are coming!TOYthinking of you
JKjust kiddingPAparent alertTPTBthe powers that be
CUZbecauseJMOjust my opinionPALparents are listeningTTFNta ta for now
CYOsee you onlineJTLYKjust to let you knowPANBparents are nearbyTTTthought that too
DIKUdo I know you?JWjust wonderingPANSpretty awesome new stuffTTYLtalk to you later
DLdead linkKokayPDApublic display of affectionTUthank you
DLTBBBdon’t let the bed bugs biteKITkeep in touchPDSplease don’t shootUWyou’re welcome
DQMOTdon’t quote me on thisKOCkiss on cheekPLZpleaseVBGvery big grin
EGevil grinKOLkiss on lipsPMprivate messageWBwelcome back
EMFBIexcuse me for butting inKWIMknow what I mean?PMFJIBpardon me for jumping in but….WDALYICwho died and left you in charge?
EOMend of messageL2Mlistening to music
EOTend of threadL8RlaterPMPpeed my pantsW/Ewhatever
F2Fface to faceLDlater, dudePOAHFput on a happy faceWFMworks for me
FAQfrequently asked question(s)LDRlong distance relationshipPOSparent over shoulderWIBNIwouldn’t it be nice if
FCfingers crossedLHMlord help mePOTSplain old telephone serviceWTGway to go
FISHfirst in, still hereLHUlord help usPUthat stinksWTGPwant to go private?
FMTYEWTKfar more than you ever wanted to knowLLTAlots and lots of thunderous applauseQSLreplyWTHwhat/who the heck
QSOconversationWUFwhere are you from?
FOMCLfalling off my chair laughingLMIRLlet’s meet in real lifeQTcutieWYSIWYGwhat you see is what you get
FTBOMHfrom the bottom of my heartLMSOlaughing my socks offRLreal lifeYBSyou’ll be sorry
FUDfear, uncertainty, and doubtLOLlaughing out loudROLraffing out loudYGyoung gentleman
FWIWfor what it’s worthLRFlittle rubber feetROTFLrolling on the floor laughingYLyoung lady
FYIfor your informationLSHMBBlaughing so hard my belly is bouncingRPGrole playing gamesYMyoung man
GAgo aheadRSNreal soon now  
GALget a life      

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Last updated on January 8, 2018