LNH Annual Data Reports

Effective August 27, 2020: HB 1230 requires the State Department of Education to post certain Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship reports on its website. All school-related enrollment and scholarship information is posted for SY 2019-2020, although certain numbers have been redacted to protect student identification. Student demographics are not provided for all students at this time, being limited to LNH Scholarship applicants for whom we have access to prior public-school enrollment data. Beginning with SY 2021-2022, adjustments have been made to the enrollment process to collect the required data for all LNH recipients who voluntarily report it. Beginning in 2021, all required school and student data will be posted by October 1 for each prior school year. 

The total number and amount of scholarships awarded and suspended payments reported for each participating private school.

The total number of scholarships denied and data on participating students, disaggregated by years of participation in the program, grade level, economically disadvantaged status, racial and ethnic groups and disability category.

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Last updated on June 11, 2021