Oklahoma Science of Reading Academies: Cohort 1

Oklahoma Science of Reading Academies Cohort 1 completed the LETRS 3rd Edition 2-year program in August 2023. 

Attendance Certificates for Training

If a certificate was not received following any facilitated training session, LETRS participants can request their certificate by contacting Lexia Learning at support@lexialearning.com and including the following information: First and Last name, Training date and time, Unit and Part number.

LETRS Boost Meetings

OSDE would like to thank participants for their involvement in Cohort 1 of the Oklahoma Science of Reading Academies.  Participation shows dedication to Oklahoma students and your profession. OSDE would like to support educators as they continue the journey with evidence-based literacy instruction.  

A few exciting opportunities are available to focus on collaboration with other participants and discuss ways to implement your Science of Reading knowledge into classroom instruction. These meetings are optional, but we would love as many to join as possible. Sharon Morgan, Program Director of Early Childhood and Elementary ELA, will be there to support your Science of Reading journey by illuminating curriculum connections aligned to Oklahoma State Standards. Mark your calendars and get registered today!  Zoom registration links, dates, and times are below: 

Jan. 30 - Writing Process - Learn strategies for each part of the writing process and how the Oklahoma ELA frameworks can support writing instruction. Register here

Feb. 13 The Structure of Language  Explore how our language is structured from parts of speech to sentences to text structure. Register here.   

April 9 - Word Study - Explore vocabulary and advanced phonics for all ages. Register here


Stipend for Participants of the Oklahoma Science of Reading Academies

The window for Stipend applications has closed as of August 31st, 2023. Once an invoice has been signed and returned by the district, please allow 45 days for processing. 



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Last updated on November 20, 2023