Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma Emblem

Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma EmblemThe general outline of the emblem is an arrowhead bearing four crossed arrows.  Each of the arrows represents one of the four tribes making up the tribe now known as Peoria. 

The red background symbolizes the tribe’s past – the trickery, the tears, the hardships, and the heartaches that our ancestors endured.

The large arrowhead of natural color represents our present generation – a promise that we will work, as individuals, and as a tribe, to cherish and preserve our heritage and customs.  The arrowhead points downward, indicating peace.  We will live in peace, but we will not be suppressed.

The turquoise arrow of the Piankashaws represents our native soil.

The red arrow of the Peorias represents the sun.

The blue arrow of the Weas represents the blue waters.

The green arrow of the Kaskaskias represents the green of the grass and the trees.

May our tribe never forget that these are gifts from the Great Spirit.

The crossing of the arrows represents our promise to future generations that by banding together our spirit cannot be broken and our heritage and customs will never be forgotten.


                Alice Giles Burgess, a tribal member, designed this emblem.  It was presented to the Peoria Tribal Business Committee and approved by them on January 29, 1983.  It was presented to the tribal membership at the Annual Meeting in March 1983.

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Last updated on May 26, 2015