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This is a Request for Information (“RFI”). This is not an invitation to Bid or a Request for Proposal. This RFI is to gather information only. No contract award will be made by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) based on the results of this process. The purpose of this RFI is for the OSDE to present a list of qualified suppliers to the Oklahoma State Board of Education to approve for school districts to negotiate contracts with those suppliers screening instruments that meet the requirements of state statute for universal screening and screening for characteristics of dyslexia, as defined in Section 1210.508C and Section 1210.520 of Title 70. This list will be approved by the OSBE by June 30, 2021 and used by districts beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.
Closing Date: 
Monday, 15 March 2021
Closing Date Status: 
26500--Oklahoma State Department of Education
Rebecca Thompson
Contract Type: 
Request for Information (RFI)


Number Name
60102305 Critical reading skills

*Please direct all questions to Keith Hicks at Keith.Hicks@sde.ok.gov
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Last updated on July 26, 2021