Senate Bill 715 and Instructions

All contracts for employment of, or related employee worksheets for, a teacher or administrator by a district board of education shall include the following categories in a clear and concise format:


Senate Bill 715 Detailed Breakdown and Instructions 70 O.S. Supp. 2003 § 6-101.6

Section of BillInformation to be IncludedSub AreaExplanation
A1aEmployee InformationEmployee's NameSelf-explanatory
A1bEmployee InformationDegree HeldOfficial transcripts must be on file in the Professional Standards office at the State Department of Education. Degree must be from a college recognized by the State Board of Education (70 O.S. § 18-114.7)
A1cEmployee InformationNumber of years of teaching credit for salary purposesYears of teaching credit include teaching as a certified teacher in Oklahoma public schools, Oklahoma accredited private schools, accredited out-of-state public or private schools (limited to five years; school districts may grant additional years of experience), active duty military (limited to five years; weekends and two-week summer encampments do not count), university level teaching as a full-time professor when eligible for an Oklahoma teaching credential, Department of Corrections educational programs, and others. (70 O.S. § 18-114.7 and OAC 210:25-3-4)
A1dEmployee InformationStep placement on salary scheduleFrom SDE, records based upon the information in A1c. For example, Step 1 is for a teacher with no approved teaching or military experience (in most cases the teacher is subject to the Residency Year Program). Step 2 would be for a teacher with one year of approved experience.
A2aSalary InformationPay based on state minimum salary scheduleFrom the table in 70 O.S. § 18-114.7 (attached), includes additional pay for Special Education (5%), Alternative Education (5%), and Career Technology teacher stipend. Excludes any additional pay at the district level.
A2bSalary InformationDistrict salary supplementSalary supplements above the state minimum, but excluding extra duty. Includes additional salary from the school district such as pay for college work between one degree level and another (i.e., Masters + 15 semester hours), additional credit given for out-of-state teaching experience above the five years given by the state, and other negotiated SALARY (not benefits) between the school district and the employee.
A2cSalary InformationExtra-duty or extracurricular salary amountsAny amounts paid that are not part of salary and benefits, (i.e., coach, club sponsor, activity sponsor, tutor, after-school activity gatekeeper). Extra-duty pay cannot be used to reach state minimum salary.
A2dSalary InformationOther salaryOther negotiated SALARY (not benefits) between the school district and the employee.
A2eSalary InformationTotal salaryA2a + A2b + A2c + A2d
A2fSalary InformationDollar amount paid in cashSalary amount (May be the same amount as listed for A2g.)
A2gSalary InformationDollar amount paid in fringe benefits, as defined and allowed by 70 O.S. § 18-114.7Value amount of the fringe benefits. The fringe benefits must be itemized with the dollar amount paid toward it listed. Inclusive of the benefits are all or part of hospital or medical benefits, and sickness, accident, health or life insurance, and retirement benefits, excluding the retirement contributions made pursuant to Subsection A of 70 O.S. § 17-108.1 and the flexible benefit allowance pursuant to 70 O.S. § 26-105.
A3aBenefits InformationState Paid Flexible Benefit Allowance AmountThis is the dollar amount paid for Flexible Benefits and cannot be used to reach state minimum salaries. For July 1-December 31, 2003, (2003-04 school year) this amount is $155.25 or the "In lieu of" amount is $69.71. Please note: These amounts may change effective January 1, 2004. Refer to 70 O.S. § 26-105(3) for specific information on the Flexible Benefit Allowance.
A3bBenefits InformationDistrict-paid retirement contributionsOver any amount for retirement insurance paid as part of salary and excluding any amounts paid pursuant to Section 17-108.1 of Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes
A3cBenefits InformationDistrict-paid health contributionsOver any amount paid as part of salary
A3dBenefits InformationOther district-paid benefitsIncludes life, dental, disability, salary protection, vision, cancer, health supplemental insurance (over any amount paid as part of salary).
A3eBenefits InformationOther benefitsItemized list of each benefit and dollar amount paid toward it (not including and benefits paid as part of salary).
A3fBenefits InformationTotal district-paid benefitsNot including any benefits paid as part of salary.


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