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Every teacher benefits from having a mentor, especially those who are new to the profession. Early-career teachers, and  teachers moving into a different role such as a counselor or librarian, face a myriad of new experiences. Through a structured teacher induction program new teachers, or inductees, are paired with seasoned mentors who share their knowledge of best instructional practices while guiding, challenging and celebrating their inductees.

Oklahoma's teacher induction program aims to support early-career educators by pairing them with mentors in order to increase the use of effective teaching practices, elevate student learning and help teachers thrive in the classroom.

Top 5 Reasons to Focus Time and Talent on Teacher Induction

  1. Increased effectiveness of early-career teachers
  2. Improved student achievement
  3. Increased retention of early-career teachers
  4. Expanded teacher leadership opportunities
  5. Reduced district recruiting costs

As of November 2018, 70 O.S. 6-195, Teacher Induction Program, supersedes the previous statue for Teacher Residency Program. Components of the Teacher Induction Program include new terminology and updated requirements.

Guidelines for the Teacher Induction Program may be found here.

Spotlight on District Induction Programs

Miami Public Schools

Miami Public Schools pride themselves in providing quality support for new teachers with their New Teacher Induction Program. This two year program pairs new teachers with mentors and allows instructional coaches to pinpoint professional development based on individual need.  The program requires new inductees to participate in activities that encompass the following:  community involvement, district involvement, new teacher cadre quarterly meetings, peer observations, administrative panel discussion and self- reflective teaching activities to prepare them for the evaluation process. Additional professional development in social-emotional learning, formative assessment, differentiation and parental outreach round out this exciting program.

Mentoring Program Handbook

New Teacher Induction Schedule





Norman Public Schools

New Teacher Liaisons serve at each site and meet monthly with all teachers new to the district.

Mentor Teachers provide guidance and support for entry-year teachers.

Teacher Support Specialists serve as instructional coaches with entry-year, early-career, alternatively- and emergency-certified teachers.

Mentoring Program 


Tulsa Public Schools

Tulsa Public Schools provides support to its newest teachers through the Novice Teacher Experience program. New Teacher Induction includes training and development in the areas of classroom management, social-emotional learning, and curriculum and instruction. Support for new teachers extends into the school year through ongoing Saturday professional learning opportunities and 1:1 instructional mentoring support.

Instructional Mentor Resources

Instructional Mentor Vision/Mission

Inductee Resources

Ten Tenets of Behavior Videos

Learn strategies on how to work effectively with students who demonstrate behaviors that impede their successful growth.

Ten Tenets of Behavior Part 1

Ten Tenets of Behavior Part 2

Core Practices in Action: Management in the Active Classroom

  • Series of 30 videos that support teachers to foster self-managed classrooms that are respectful, active, collaborative, and growth-oriented.


The University of Oklahoma
  • Lessons - Access and download lessons that are searchable by grade level, content area, keywords, state/national standards and time frame.

  • Strategy Library - Find instructional strategies to enhance classroom engagement that are searchable by group size, grade level and purpose.

  • Digital Game Based Learning - Engage students in gaming scenarios rooted in content area standards. 


Mentor Resources

Program Administration Models

Mentoring and Induction Toolkit

The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders at American Institutes for Research provides materials that summarize research and best practices on how to develop and implement an impactful mentoring and induction program. Samples of the Mentoring and Induction Toolkit resources may be accessed here


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Last updated on May 13, 2021