Teacher Residency Program

Teacher Residency PRogram

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You have chosen to embark on a journey that few people will ever experience. Better yet, you are leading others on a journey they will never forget.
  – Joy Hofmeister
The Teacher Residency Program includes guidelines for resident teachers, selection of mentors, and appointment of residency committees. In addition, OSDE recommends resources for the development, support, mentorship and coaching for resident teachers.


As required by H.B. 2885 (2014) all new teachers, called resident teachers, must participate in a residency program starting in school year 2015-2016. A resident teacher means a person employed to serve as a counselor, librarian or classroom teacher or in any other instructional capacity and under the guidance of a mentor teacher or residency committee.

Teachers participating in the residency program include all new teachers regardless of certification path (traditional, alternative, or emergency), as well as teachers working in a new role, such as classroom teacher moving to counselor role.

Guidelines for the teacher residency program can be found here.

Oklahoma Statutes:  §70-1-116          §70-6-182           §70-6-195

Learn strategies on how to work effectively with students who demonstrate behaviors that  impede their successful growth.
Ten Tenets of Behavior Part 1 
Ten Tenets of Behavior Part 2

Classroom Management Mini-Series


Reflection Questions

References on Classroom Management

Classroom Management Webinar

Reshaping the paradigm for a classroom community centered approach

Core Practices in Action:  Management in the Active Classroom

  • Series of 30 videos that support teachers to foster "self-managed" classrooms that are respectful, active, collaborative, and growth-oriented.
  • Part 1: Foundational Structures and Practices
  • Part 2: Protocols and Strategies

The University of Oklahoma

  • Lessons - Access and download lessons that are searchable by grade level, content area, keywords, state/national standards and time frame.
  • Strategy Library - Find instructional strategies to enhance classroom engagement that are searchable by group size, grade level and purpose.

Mentor Resources

Program Administration Models

District Mentoring Program Samples

Articles of Note

OSDE Resources


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