Troops to Teachers Application Information

How to Apply
Step 1: Apply for Troops to Teachers.
Prior to submitting the online application, the following supporting documentation will need to be uploaded if applicable:
  • DD-214 (member copy 4)
  • Approved Voluntary Retirement Document
  • NGB 22 (National Guard ONLY)
  • Reserve Yearly Point Summary
Once the application is processed, the program office will notify you by email of which services you are eligible to receive, based on your military service time, education and application date.
Please note: You may receive an error that states that the site is not secure when trying to access the Registration Site. The error does not reflect a problem with the DoD certificates, or the web browser. It does, however, mean that the DoD certificate and the DoD Root certificate are not installed on your system. You can click on 'details' or 'advanced' and you will see a link to proceed to the website. You may also install the certificates that are missing. If you would like information on why you are receiving this error and how to install the certificates, you can read more at If you cannot access the site, you may email
Step 2: Submit your Application for Oklahoma Alternative Placement Program Evaluation
Submit the following along with your Application:
  • All College Transcripts - Note they must be official copies
    • Most colleges offer electronic services to submit your official transcripts, if using an electronic service please submit to
  • Current Resume with detailed dates
  • DD214
Step 3: Complete the OGET and your approved OSAT
Once you receive approval to seek an alternative certificate, complete the following:
  • The Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)
  • The Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT) in the area(s) you have been approved to seek.
The Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA) is responsible for the development and implementation of a competency-based assessment system for educator licensure/certification in the state of Oklahoma. Testing dates and locations can be found on their website.
VA Testing Reimbursement
The VA offers a testing and licensure reimbursement program. Note: They do not reimburse for registration fees, prep guides, or processing fees. We have created a form to ensure you don't miss any of the required information.
Step 4: Submit your Application for Oklahoma Initial Alternative Certification
After you complete your required OGET & OSAT submit your :
Step 5: Complete further required education courses
After your initial certification you will have 3 years to complete:
  • Complete the required college credit courses, for the Troops to Teachers participants this includes:
    • Classroom Management
    • General or subject specific Pedagogical principles (Teaching Methods)
  • Pass the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Exam (OPTE)
Step 6: Apply for Standard Certificate
After meeting the above requirements, please submit the following:


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Last updated on June 15, 2018