Academic Advisement

School counselors play a critical role in ensuring schools provide a safe, caring environment and that students have the necessary mindsets and behaviors to advance academic achievement outcomes. School counselors work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure equity, access and academic success of all students.

School counselors support students’ academic success by:

  • Leading development of a safe and caring school culture
  • Delivering a school counseling program based on data identifying student needs
  • Delivering information to students and teachers within the school counseling curriculum on best practices in mindsets and behaviors (i.e., learning strategies, self-management skills, social skills) and metacognition skills critical in academic success
  • Providing relevance to academic effort and educational pursuits by assisting in students’ career planning and future career-related goals
  • Working with administration, teachers and other school staff to create a school environment encouraging academic success and striving to one’s potential
  • Working to remove barriers to access and provide students with the opportunity for academic challenge in the most rigorous coursework possible
  • Establishing data analysis methods to identify and target systemic barriers deterring equitable access
  • Providing opportunities for students to: Enhance their self-efficacy beliefs and competence; Develop attributional beliefs; See value in tasks related to achievement; Develop mastery/learning goals; Develop autonomy; Relate to others
  • Working to establish student opportunities for academic remediation as needed
  • Emphasizing family-community-school relationships in addressing academic needs 



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For additional questions, contact Ashton Frisby, School Counselor Specialist 

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Last updated on April 22, 2024