Comprehensive School Counseling

What is a Comprehensive School Counseling Program?

Comprehensive school counseling programs provide numerous avenues for positive current and future outcomes for all students. These programs ideally provide equitable access for all students to gain the skills to promote lifetime learning, decision-making, long-range planning, career self-management, and life skill development to become responsible members of their community and world. Comprehensive school counseling includes a positive, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approach that is established between educators, caregivers, and the community. 

Comprehensive school counseling programs are:

  • Based on data-informed decision making
  • Delivered to all students systematically
  • Developmentally appropriate and include curriculum focused on the Student Standards all students need for postsecondary readiness and success
  • Created to close achievement and opportunity gaps
  • Results-oriented to improve student achievement, attendance, and discipline


School counselors deliver programs that have an impact on student growth in three domain areas: academic advisement, college and career, and life skills and wellness. School counselors recognize students should demonstrate growth in these domains equally to be successful. School counselors understand these domains are not considered separate but are intertwined, each affecting the other. Click HERE to learn more about the Comprehensive School Counseling Framework.


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Last updated on March 19, 2024