Prevention Supports

The Prevention Services Division administers programs and initiatives that assist districts in addressing behaviors in Oklahoma’s students including resources that deal with bullying, suicide, substance abuse, and violence prevention.

School-Based Mental Health

School-based mental health services are delivered by trained mental health professionals employed by schools. These professionals include school psychologists, licensed mental health professionals, school counselors, school social workers, recreational therapists, and school nurses. 

Schools work alongside guardians to address the needs of identified students. By removing barriers such as transportation, scheduling conflicts, and stigma, school-based mental health services can help students access needed services during the school day. 

New Oklahoma Mental Health Legislation became effective July 1, 2022. We know that there are many questions regarding this new legislation and the implementation of new policies and procedures in your schools. In response, the Division of School Based Mental Health within the office of Student Support has created a guidance document aligned to the recently released red book mental health legislation components. Download Model Policy Guidance.

Check out this handbook to learn more about how school-based mental health professionals work together to support the whole child and strengthen schools and districts through comprehensive support.  

Find additional student mental health resources here.

Family and Community Resources

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is committed to strengthening and increasing family and community engagement to support student learning. The Office of Family and Community Engagement provides guidance, resources and support for families, schools, and communities as they work together to build meaningful partnerships that promote student success. We know these partnerships ultimately lead to significant gains in student achievement.

Community Collaboration Kit

Community Organizations

Veterans High School Diploma

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Last updated on January 24, 2023