School Counseling Certification

Types of School Counselor Certification: Traditional, Alternative, and Emergency 

Traditional Certification requirements:

Alternative Certification requirements:

There is a two-step process to determine eligibility:

1. Must have one of the following: Master's Degree in a school counseling-related field, OR a Master's Degree AND two years of counseling-related work experience

2. AND one of the following: 30 or more counseling-related graduate credit hours, OR 15 or more counseling-related graduate credit hours plus one year of counseling-related work experience, OR three or more years of counseling-related work experience

Emergency Certification:

  • Decisions regarding emergency certification are handled at the local level then approved by the State School Board. Emergency certification guidance can be found here.
  • Specific School Counseling emergency certification guidance can be found here.

Oklahoma School Counseling Certification Frequently Asked Questions

All school counselor candidates apply for certification through the Office of Teacher Certification

School Counseling Certification Updates

School Counseling Candidates:

As of August 2022, the OSAT in School Counseling is the only required assessment for school counselor candidates. School Counselor candidates also have the option to take the School Counselor Praxis (5422) exam.

Alternative Certified School Counselor Candidates:

As of September 11, 2022, alternatively certified school counselor candidates must complete two college credit courses (six credit hours) addressing the components of a comprehensive school counseling program, including but not limited to, data-informed decision-making, closing achievement and opportunity gaps, school counseling ethical standards, and improving student achievement, attendance and discipline or approved equivalents within three years of certification.  NOTE: This replaces the requirement for alternatively certified school counselors to complete classroom pedagogy and classroom management courses.

For additional information about qualifications for school counseling certification, please reference this document.

For questions about the certification process or to check on your certification status, please contact the Teacher Certification Department.

Need additional information about School-Based Mental Health Professionals in Oklahoma?  

Check out this document for information on how to become a School Counselor, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, Licensed Mental Health Professional, or Recreational Therapist in Oklahoma schools. It includes descriptions of the positions, their role in schools, training needs, certification requirements, and job class codes for each area of school-based mental health.

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Last updated on May 31, 2023