Emergency Certification (Administrator Use Only)


Emergency certification should only be requested when the district has exhausted every option to find an appropriately certified person for the open position.

The emergency certification application is not on our website.  An emergency certification request must submitted electronically by the district superintendent or a designee.  When that is completed the applicant must then apply electronically.

Online Emergency Request Process

STEP 1:  (District)

  • Log in to Accreditation/HQT – ONLY the Superintendent can log in to access the application request.
  • Under Accreditation/HQT – Click *District Superintendent
  • Along the tab bar – Click *Requests

You now have access to the online request.

If the applicant is already an educator, you will need to locate them by entering their teacher number. If they do not have a teacher number, you will need to locate them by social security number or create an educator.

You will then continue by completing each field on the first screen and then click next at the bottom.

On the second screen you must upload official transcripts and a current resume if this is a first time emergency request and this person has never been certified.  The district must also upload supporting documentation of the job posting.

Extension requests must upload an updated resume.

Once you submit the request, you should see their name in your district list of requests.

STEP 2: (Applicant)

Now, your applicant must go online to http://sde.ok.gov/sde/teacher-certification and either create a Single Sign-On account so they can access the Educator Credentialing System and apply for the emergency request, or if they already have an account, just log in and apply. First time requests will pay a $50 application fee.

*Renewals will have no fee, but must apply.


Please remember, the district must first make the request THEN the applicant must apply to be considered a completed request. All completed requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to that month's State Board of Education meeting to be considered on that month's agenda.

If a background check is required, the applicant must have a cleared certification background check on file at the OSDE at least 7 days prior to that month's State Board of Education meeting to be placed on that month's agenda.

If these requirements are not met by the deadline/s the application will be treated as a pending request for the next month.

Please contact Teacher Certification if you have any questions at (405) 521-3337.

Further Pertinent Information

  • All applicants must be in compliance with Oklahoma state income tax laws BEFORE a teaching credential can be issued.


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Last updated on July 19, 2019