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Highly Qualified Definition and High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation (HOUSSE)

Forms and Directions

  1. Highly Qualified Definition and High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation (HOUSSE)
  2. "Highly Qualified Teacher Identification System Form" - Worksheet for Principals
    • "SAMPLE" of worksheet showing teacher information for building principals to use - (Form HQP) (pdf)
      • Highly Qualified will be entered in conjunction with the Application for Accreditation.
      • After data entry has been completed and the data has been certified and submitted, a hard copy shall be kept on file at the site and district level.
      • No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires appropriate documentation be maintained at the district and school site.
      • Example: College transcript, verification of Oklahoma teaching experience, professional development form, etc.
    • Application for Adjunct Teacher (pdf), under Highly Qualified Credentials

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According to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 highly qualified teachers of early childhood education, elementary education and core academic subjects (English, reading, language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, the arts [art and music], history, and geography) have:

  • Option A: Passed a state certification test in level/subject taught, or
  • Option B: Completed an undergraduate academic major or coursework equivalent to an undergraduate academic major (24 semester hour of subject-specific coursework) in subject taught as documented by the teacher's official transcript, or
  • Option C: Completed a graduate degree in subject taught, or
  • Option D: Holds certification through National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in subject taught, or
  • Option E: Demonstrated competency in each subject taught based on a high objective uniform state standard of evaluation (HOUSSE).

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Last updated on December 8, 2017