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Open Records Act Requests - Information and Forms

An Open Records Request is a request made pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Records Act at 51 O.S. § 24A et. seq. The Open Records Act is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to public records of governmental bodies in Oklahoma. Oklahoma State Department of Education believes in transparency and supports the public’s right to know. The form and process listed below was developed to ensure compliance with the Open Records Act and facilitate the public's right to access and review our records.

Open Records Act requests for records from the State Board of Education or the State Department of Education may be made using the following form. Requests are processed in accordance with the provisions of the Open Records Act and accompanying State Department of Education rule at 210:1-3-11. Requests may be subject to fees for the costs of record searches and copies in accordance with the fee schedule below.



The State Department of Education does not maintain GED or high school diploma records. For a copy of your GED, you can request a copy online at If you need a copy of your school transcript, please contact the district or school you attended. For your convenience, ;a school/district directory is available online at:

All Open Records Act requests are processed in the order that they are received. When processing of your request has begun, you should receive a confirmation email and tracking number for your request; please reference this tracking number when making any inquiries about the status of your request. Inquiries regarding the status of pending requests may be addressed to:

Marley Billingsley
Phone: (405) 521-4889

Note: Certain records or portions of certain records may be exempt from disclosure pursuant to state and federal statutes and regulations governing the privacy of educational records, student data and employee data, as well as other legal evidentiary privileges. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.


De-identified Individual Student Level Data Requests

The Student Data Accessibility, Transparency and Accountability Act of 2013 at 70 O.S. § 3-168 states that OSDE may only use aggregate data in response to research and data requests unless otherwise approved by the State Board of Education (SBE). All requests for SBE approval of disclosure, transfer, and/or sharing of de-dentified individual level data to or with parties not automatically authorized by law to access such data shall be submitted in writing to the Office of Legal Services on the following form. Instructions for submission are included on the form.

SBE Approval Request Form


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Last updated on February 4, 2020