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Why Can't I Skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight?

Relationship Between Achievement and Independent Reading


  • Tier 1
    90 minutes Daily scientific research-based reading instruction
  • Tier 2
    90 minutes Daily scientific research-based reading instruction PLUS additional intervention time based on individual needs
  • Tier 3
    90 minutes Daily scientific research-based reading instruction PLUS at least 45 to 60 minutes

Intervention Resources

The following databases provide research studies on different interventions, and may be helpful for districts when making decisions about interventions.

What Works Clearinghouse

Best Evidence Encyclopedia

ESSA Evidence

RTI Network

Notice: The Oklahoma Department of Education does not endorse or recommend reading material for its schools. Curriculum decisions are made at the district/local level in Oklahoma. Reading material for students should always be previewed by parents or educators.


Melissa Ahlgrim
Director, Reading Sufficiency

(405) 522-1591

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Preliminary RSA Reporting Information


Ensuring Successful Transition from Third to Fourth Grade

RSA Family Guide 2017-2018

Third Grade Elements of a Successful Portfolio


Timeline and Assessments

RSA Approved Assessment Lists with Oklahoma Statute and Rules Included:

RSA Funding



Sample Documents

(These documents are samples that meet the criteria for recent legislative amendments to the Reading Sufficiency Act.)

Academic Progress Plan (APP)

Notices and Letters

Student Reading Proficiency Team (SRPT)



Recommendations for Third-Grade Portfolio on Level Read Aloud
  • Unpracticed on third-grade level text at a target rate of 110-120 wcpm (words correct per minute) with 97-98% accuracy.
  • Lexile Range - 520L-820L for Third Grade on Level Read Aloud.
    Lexile Guidance

Differentiating Instruction

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