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Reading Sufficiency | RSA Legislation

Laws and Rules

Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) Legislation 

Administrative Rules for RSA

History of Bills (Passed)

Courtesy of the Oklahoma Legislature

  • Senate Bill 601 (SB601), passed 2019
  • House Bill 1760 (HB1760), passed 2017
  • RSA Portion of House Bill 3218 (HB 3218), passed 2016
  • Senate Bill 630 (SB 630), passed 2015
  • Adds PreK to Good-Cause Exemptions - (HB 2497), passed 2015
  • Adds Student Reading Proficiency Team - (HB 2625), passed 2014


Oklahoma Dyslexia Handbook, updated July 2023

The purpose of this Oklahoma Dyslexia Handbook is to provide guidance to educators, students, families, and community members about dyslexia, and the best practices for identification, intervention, and support for children with dyslexia. This handbook was developed by members of the Dyslexia and Education Task Force who were appointed by the Oklahoma Legislature, at the request of H.B.2008 (2017) authored by Speaker Charles McCall, Oklahoma State House of Representatives; and amended by H.B.3313 (2018) authored by Representative Rhonda Baker, Oklahoma State House of Representatives.

Required Reports and Studies

RSA Governor's Report and Study

Report on Dyslexia Screening

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Last updated on July 15, 2024