AP Exam Schedule and Test Fee

AP Exam Schedule


Exam Fee Assistance

For low-income students

The cost of the AP Exam is $94. College Board provides a $32 fee reduction. Schools provide a $9 fee reduction, and the State Department of Education provides a $43 fee reduction, making the cost of the exam $10 for low-income students. To get guidelines on who would be eligible for the low-income fee reduction, see your school’s AP Coordinator. The $10 cost applies to all AP exams eligible students take.


Option 1 cost to student (Free/Reduced Lunch Student)

Number of Exams










Cost to student











For non-low-income students who take 2 or more exams in one year

The State Department of Education provides a $25 discount on all tests for those students who do not qualify for the low-income fee reduction and who take 2 or more exams in one year.  Tests that are taken at a local Career Tech can be combined with tests taken at the student’s home school to qualify for this discount.  The cost of each exam would be $69.

For information about this assistance, contact

  • Robbyn Glinsmann
    Director of Gifted and Talented, AP, and AVID
    Oklahoma State Department of Education
    2500 North Lincoln Boulevard
    Oklahoma City, OK  73105
    (405) 522-3522
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Last updated on May 23, 2019